Hidden under the branches
The damage of its face
Spent its short forever
In the spring chase
A banyan turned in despair
To a shy tree
The roots swallowed, a critter
Lingered in storm spree.
A keeper came to water
More than his bucket did bleed
Eyes that sparked of weather
Of gloomy cloud Creed.
No brown, no green, no rustle
Bluer than the deepest seas
Bent and weak, did splutter
And met the mourning breeze.
Keeper called for sun
That hurt his blistering feet
He tried to hide the sorrow grey
And fulfilled the promise meet.
Banyan rustled as it to visitors
To speak of birds and wind
And showed that it was better
That critter was up no sleeve
Keeper dwelled in its shade
Believing with eyes shut
Thinking that it was a shy tree
Kept his misery to his gut.
And as it was a full moon
He left to go his home
And made a promise to come again
When he was done with his roam
The path gleamed, he fell out
And saw the blooming spring
How trees were green and brown
But his was a blue in cringe.
Banyan mourned and howled
For critter that it loved
Left nothing for it to grow out
And for keeper, that it curbed.
The day came when they met
Again in scorching heat
Banyan was breathing its late
And noticed his blistering feet
They cried again in summer
Keeper saw the critter leave
For Banyan was shading away now
Keeper wet its root as he did weep.
Banyan died amidst the despair
And love it could not keep
Keeper lived his forever in moment
And slept the last at Banyan feet.


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