You are like that outer space
I could fancy but I can’t reach
I am like that sermon
You could hear but you can’t preach

You are like that moon
That shines upon me
I am like that dark night
You don’t wanna come out into

You are a hurdle in my breath
You are a skipped beat of my broken heart
You are that smile I can’t have anymore
And I am your forgotten start

I feel like air you don’t notice
A sadness you won’t ever embrace
A crack in sidewalk you don’t count anymore
You run in my head like blood does race

How I fell this way for your laughter
Every fear you hold hereafter
And I can’t share your life
I lay awake like forsaken chapter

This sorrow that I hold is heavier than the love
You will give to someone else someday
And I lay here pretending that you love me
Like a ripen broken pot of burned clay
And it will hurt me some more
It will forever hurt me some more..


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