He was a little unable
Everyone else was the same
He was afraid of being lost
Everyone else gave him a name
Everything seemed quite vast
He could not walk all far
He often dreamt it’s last
It was slow life not war
He daydreamed of flying in spring sun
He mumbled to winter stars
The lonely air made him want to run
Summer wind sang gloomy lullabies
He wished to not be the only one
Everyone else lived in absence of his cries
Pick him move him away to safety
He barely crawled to outdoor lives
By days his heart wasn’t now lofty

They moved in together he knew
She left a year ago
Everyone else did not feel that deep
Her departure left him with a hole
She helped him forget his weep
How he went unable with years
He would cry when everyone is asleep
Who would smile him without those ears
Everyone seemed to be a little stone
Tired and blurred his heart had tears
Silent like setting sun was his noisy home
He wanted to run again and away
She showed him a beautiful unknown
Everyone else has little much to say
He yet not wished a peaceful final sleep
For she taught him the life of days
He was motionless but with promise to keep…


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