Wind of summer night whistles aloud
Starlight trickles to us from clouds
In silence, in mayhem, the clear and the blur
For us we have wandered to run our about

And summer, it passes, for monsoon to rain
We’ve learned from our fire to dance and to pain
And all through the winter and to cold hands
Mother’s mercy is the zenith, so is quarrel for lands

Like spring leaves we’ve fallen in time’s arms we’re written
We learn and we fall, cycling smitten
And as to sun blows or to earth goes
We could make it till through that, not to forever
For summer would return, a little fiery than ‘fore
On some other world, we would never know
Who’d sing our glory, we make it only for us
And last as we go, we’ll sing it til we go

But the momentary bloom is the truth as is lie
Love is a power still needs to be defined
Mysterious is the pull which we’ve brought to life
Through rhyme through eyes, through hope as it dies

Wind of summer night whistles aloud
Makes me estranged tonight under grey clouds


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