I heard somewhere, you hated me
I often grow out of breath
For the life that i’m made to live
Has worn me gashing death
You say you still see me dreams
I see nothing but childish whims
You thought 11 is 28 for me
I wish you knew I had twenty six
You tell reasons why you left the door
You never knew why I dispatched
Kept words for i had said enough to more
Never left you for i had other way latched
Too much to take, too much to scorn
Home has me growing mad
For 3 years and still I do mourn
Your blog I see the sad
Only if you knew I still say to him
My best friend that you are the best
If I had a chance i’d marry you
But that’s left to fate’s unrest
You say you would come to see me once
Not in my sight and then you’d go
Do you know I still compete with you in runs
I always plan to come to your home
Not with any hidden motive or scheme
Just to fulfil my promise
That I made to someone I loved the most
‘i’d come home to see you smiling’
I mean no rebound, you are still there
You owe the place you made
I’d have given life if you were here
Infidel you claimed me tad
Yes I didn’t love you as much you do
I made enormous mistakes
But the care I have in for you
Can fill a million lakes
Say I never were complete till I saw you
But text and distance had got me wrecked
You didn’t understand why I cut us two
this type of communication had us checked
I miss someone else more than I miss you
You are right, probably yes
But ever loved more someone else than I did you
You hold a wrong impress
I told the world the most beautiful tale I wrote
You and me seized in Blank Space
Peter is always up in my throat
I still love Peets more than any face
Truest love I still feel is Peets I fell for
I’ll love till my dying breath
I have lost my soul, my creation, my goal
Since a year i’m in the wreath
I hope, I wish, I could make you see
What life I am accustomed to since birth
Each day is a target, since I am to live
All I yearned for was some love
Those who say you spoiled the best of me
Don’t know me i’m quite sure
Though I lived rough when you were here closer to my knee
I became the man I can adore
I can write this poem endlessly
For words will never end
I wander to love aimlessly
Someday to you i’d be to amend
I wish you to see happier than me
Maybe with a guy and kid
Hope you find your true ecstasy
And forgive me before we bid
I know i’m the worst ever happened to you
You know that probably well
I still search you around on social sea
To your pics I often dwell
I would stop here now for you shouldn’t weep
Those tears have fallen much
I can’t cry you know but i’d have cried tonight
I think I should have felt your touch
And I hope you find home you truly belong
Don’t let your love for love die
I’d find my home too, maybe i’ll
I’ll see you in real to say goodbye.


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