I often wandered in my mad whims
Searched every soul to find my shore
Like a swerving river I swallowed good or bad
In mirth of caress I knocked door by door

Till I saw your big black eyes with unflinching compassion
They widened and sharpened as I was owed
A road full of life and all worthy distractions
I found my outcome of all heart that I sowed

Now as I come home I know my dearest friend
Waits for my footfall at his home’s gate
Who’d have been as loving as you are
Who could make me fall to floor as bed

And your ears as they go back I know
An unending smile is about to appear
You climb upon me to kiss in your wet ways
You love-full cries I yearn to hear

Oh my dearest friend I will love you forever
Though i’m loved more than I could give
I know i’m not alone as long as you’re here
For these beautiful twelve years that I live

If there’s any heaven I hope I end up with you
I know you’d be waiting for me by that door
And promise me as I come there you’ll jump again
And again we’ll be lying forever on cloudy floor


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