Frost on the camber of road lead
Furrowed the path oh, they go
Inch by inch the water that seeps
Through their skin the strain that sowed

First count the right one, the delirious path
Another to jumble of seeking the laugh
Account the sun as where gonna set
No matter where it goes for their draft

Distinguish the uphill as they’ll part
Which one to go so regret won’t last
Should I choose the left one as to my heart
Or shall the right one of brain’s to mast

Duties that I hold, will do all the same
Social or not, who’d I blame
Won’t be mould by the terms not to my spirit
Oh, I don’t need the prosperous fame

The cold of the wind and mountain lights
The arms of beloved, the paper, ink pot
Thoughts of the world to scribble ease for life
That’s what i’d choose to settle for lot.


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