Stars talk when the dark falls
Darker than the nights of heartaches
Shinier than the finest diamonds
Diamonds of eyes that forsakes

Air that lifts in the arms
Lungs full of life call your name
Life that lifts spell of charms
Who to find for these blames

Seclusion of ivory that distended
My brittle chest’s chambered friend
This sorcery was never intended
Chastised to the losing end

Dragged these dreams off the shore
Like shored sun left the green light
Gauched me piffled by your cynosure
Until I waited your touch to bright

A hundred talks to do I am await
You are gone the way I found my imaginary friends
Growing older by years that you late
Nights are dark on my brain a strain

Stars keep talking
Meteors keep falling
Nights blow by carelessly
Darker than your eyes were


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