The western sky’s on fire
Smoke’s sweeping it drier
No birds are in nests anymore
In beaks they carried water

What do they dream to do
Now they’re saving their roof
I see a bird not moving ahead
He’s been always an aloof

What does it dream to pursue?
I heard whispers from its home
They are not hiding but to leave
It says, ‘the fire is wild like falling Rome

‘Two legs have come to carry it all
With arrows they all would fall
Eggs won’t be hatched
Youngs would wait till trees collapse

‘Time is to find a new home
You can’t have what they claim
Fire has seized whole forest
And two legs are ones to blame’

Western sky rained blood and birds that night
Little birds dropped water from their eyes
Fluttering wings lost their might
Treaty with two legs turned out lies

Aloof shed tears as it saw the western sky
In a different direction it had to fly
It had stopped them all to go that way
What they said was ‘hopes never die’


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