Bad is not falling in love with a wrong person, bad is wanting that wrong person even though knowing the truth, expecting your love would make them come clean and decide to love you forever.
One’ll cross any limit just to achieve what one foresees. Thousands of way one’d convince his heart, ‘maybe he’s a little messed up’, ‘she loves me truly but she is running out of realisation nowadays’, ‘He doesn’t mean all of this’, ‘it is my mistake, I trouble her a lot’. Blind faith is creative, it’ll come up with a thousand reasons like these.

Running after them is bad, because if love exists, both people walk together. You chase only when someone is not in love otherwise it is just a walk together.
It is true that we fall in love and it is also true that we fall out of love, most of us deny to accept the later one.

Believing that love is eternal brings all the greatest miseries. Love used to be eternal in distant past when we had nothing to be distracted for or by. Love still is eternal but it is rare, because of all the choices, fears, options and priorities available. Anyone with a weaker will will fall out of love, doesn’t matter how deeply he/she was in love with someone.
One must learn to forgive them and forget them, running behind them will bring nothing but more misery. One should not deny the fact that they are not being loved anymore, it is hard but they must, as falling into misery and knowingly entertaining the ignorance is not good for one.
One just chooses to block the reasoning part of one’s brain because it tells them the bitter truth. And as the brain fails at reasoning, one starts to fail at everything, eventually.
The reason why I call these weaker-will-people ‘wrong person for you’ is, that most of the times they know that they’re out of love yet they choose to stay calm at it because they don’t want to come out as a wrong, bad person, which subsequently makes them wrong, bad person as they cheat on the others by being disloyal to them even at the end of the relationship.
Love can’t be forced upon someone, so one must learn to love and let go when the time comes. One will fall in love again if one learns to Love truly, let go truly and move on truly. Because life is too short and there’s only one of it, make the best out of it, make as much love as is possible, when one person doesn’t want it anymore just move on and make it elsewhere, but never make misery.



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