Think about it, Everyone you love will die someday, each and everyone. So who you are going to make your sacrifices for? And that is why they say, ‘Play life loud.’
So make sure that whatever you do, you be happy in that and mostly, be satisfied. Even if you’re doing it for someone else, make sure it doesn’t cost your happiness. And if it costs your happiness, it’s not right for you.
And remember, a sad person could never make others smile. Mostly, he’d only make others sad. So doing something which makes others happy but makes you sad too, is a very very bad option.
But all of it applies on the spectrum of positive vibes only. What you do should not hurt anyone morally.
And what a moral is? It is knowing and doing the right thing even if the whole world is against it.
So go, chase your dreams, run wild, be insatiable for all the true things, make yourself a ‘true-happy’ and say sorry to anyone you’ve Ever hurt, intentionally or unintentionally because everyone you know will die someday and everything you want will be wanted by someone else someday when you’d be there no more. So get it before it gets lost or you get lost in time.
Make sacrifices, make them for a ‘true-happiness’, a ‘true-light’


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