After so many years I slept early last night
I called you up though we’ve decided not be in each other’s sights
How I feel, how I know, how I never lost control
How we’re strangers now after that heartbreak fight

Sometimes I give in, sometimes I give up
Never know how I did try to move on
Though you don’t know, I didn’t speak a word
Hope you don’t understand it was not a number wrong

And now my heart swings through excuses
That how bad you were for my health
But deep down I know you broke my heart but you never meant it
You just had a very little love to give

He calls me an infidel
This heart’s now a hell
With all the died dreams burning inside

The weather is all fine like you said
But a very little is wrong here
Your touch is impaired
I guess i’m right you don’t know where

Sometimes I feel strong, sometimes I feel wrong
Never told you, for you I kept writing songs
How do I say, how may you know, how did I kept my calm
I think it’s my arms where you do belong

And now my heart’s blue and the bruises
That how you were warm and colder
But deep down I believed you could have been
But you just had weak shoulders

I guess I was not infidel
We let go when we are done being dealt
We only let go when we are done being dealt


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