Pierces my heart when I think of you and her
How much similar was suffer
Like a stone carved love of tears
Never reaching the end together

Cuckoo and fish they sing
Star-crossed endeavour
Feathers and fins rust in wait
Never ending pointless tremors

You never gave what I deserved
She didn’t let me get her
Played love off beat and sunk
Drowned me to the endless bottom dirt

The loss was the fight as much fun
Avalanche of hopes crashed me far away
Step ahead to your spell I laid
Passion was lost spelled and swayed

A dance which never took place
She drove me to grave shackled in that
Coming off the edge to your embrace
Chased to the coffin was I dead?

The cliff of your eyes laid beneath
The ocean of her heat en-sheath
Last words always feel the worst
When you don’t matter anymore

I lay down and sink infinitely
Till I find the bottom I belong to
I won’t be lost by the voyage
I’ll keep moving on, i’ll find the door!

A door to contentment and lights
Where there’s no virtue or vice
The love smears to the very last ray
Hope you find, she too, we don’t have a choice,
We don’t have a choice!

The first letter

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