There comes a time when you love someone so much yet you won’t get back to them because you know they’ll never try enough to be with you, because you know you are not the one they want for the rest of their lives, because you know they miss you only because of they’re hurt. They love you but they would never put any effort because they’re too afraid of the society, too afraid of standing. Their love is too weak to last forever.
They would let you go, make you go. They would start to take your love granted, they would never put any effort in making the love last. They would lose the passion and when you’d cry to them, it would not matter. What you both had built would be ruined and you couldn’t do anything about it. They would never realise if they still love you. But once you’re asked to move away, you’d move for their happiness, for your peace.
Your love for them which was dying to live after breaking up would be living to die now. You’d secretly get to know there whereabouts or if they still talk of you. But when they would talk to you, you’d have nothing to say. Though you’d only want to listen to their voice but you wouldn’t want them to talk to you now. With time you’d grow strong enough to ward off your weakness for them.
How you’d want to tell them that it’s too late but deep inside you’d wish that they know that it’s never too late, they just need to try harder than they ever would because you had tried just too much.
You just simply love them but you’d never return because you know that you were never the one they needed for the rest of their lives and you’ll never be that one. The time of saying goodbye will come and you’d have to give up on something which will never happen, you’ll have to.


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