Don’t run after the people who don’t run for you
don’t sing for the people who haven’t sung for you
everything be you love, you take it all
recognize who’s worth all, whoever has swung for you

time may come when you’d have to choose
heart will say something else, mind on the loose
don’t stop for the people who haven’t walked for you
time comes quietly where you’d have to choose

love in the heart, strong to impart
banging on the doorstep of revulsion
all the compassion befall in front of you
don’t jump into the dark for ones who haven’t shown you the sun

it’s your story, don’t surrender to someone
you may not get love in return from your one
be the hero and do it for your pride
love falls on the doors of everyone
Maybe someday you’ll come
In the arms of life, for those who take your run!


2 thoughts on “Stronger

  1. nice lines.i m also feeling stronger then previous.thanks for being an inspiration in horrible days………..congrats for another success.god bless u.:).keep growing in the sky of success…

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