Read science
And if you are solo
Greed science
Around the hypocrites
Discreet science
And when you walk alone
Street science
Make others feel dumb as rock
Elite science
Gleet science

Speak science
Around religious
Heartbeat science
When they lose their heads
Drum-beat science
Make ignorants
Bleed science
When no one cares
Relief science
Neat science

Burn science
In the winter of break up
Stern science
Making love in the bed
Nerd science
When your lover cheats
Spurn science
Know more than they ever did
Yearn science
Turn science

And when you become a sciencey head
Know nothing’s gonna be bad
Even if your cow’s dead
You will still be glad
Cause you know what you had
ENERGY is never dead
It just only does change
Put it in back of your head
And never ever be late
Go to science exhibition
Know mysteries solved case
But you’ll have a side effect
You’ll be neutral oh my dad
People will call you mad
But you will never ever fret
So just keep it, don’t be late
Murmur science when you mate
Produce children like Tesla great
So come on everyone

So spread science.


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