There’s always a little bit of hope in ruins
Sun shines even if the clouds cover
Day or two or a little bit longer
Sun will shine, find a way to touch the ground
Sun will shine because it is shinebound

There’s always a sound in pindrop silence
Heart will never stop beating
Hands will be raised to the last count
Because strength never leaves until we’re dead
Strength will hold till the end of our heads

No one knew we’ll come to this
How many times we have been through
It never fades, never goes, never hallucinate
We’ll speak till our throats choke
Even if it chokes we’ll make the sound
Sun will shine because it is always around

Soul will be the thoughts that race in our mind
Wounds give the scars to glorify us
Annihilation will come but can’t break us
We’re son of the suns, mightiest elements
We’ll find our hopes even on the blinding end

The dust will rise, blood might run severe
Fragile could be nature and earth near the demise
But we’ve come from the destruction of giant fellows
We’ll rise above the dust till our skin has water
We’ll cry but we’ll never let go of the laughter

Because we’re the son of suns
And sun is always around
We’re the survivors
And we’re shinebound


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