don’t let those chemicals work in your head
I swear they make my serotonin rush
you could give me obsessive compulsive disorder
i’m scared you might leave in gush

keep quite when I talk when I walk to you
you still don’t speak even when i’m hush
digging deeper in my heart to the core
oh when you stop you’d leave me in tush

now look back, look down here in my hands
oh my four chambered concrete strong scared
adrenaline you supply for free to me
even my head not for a chance you spared

hold back, don’t walk ahead, not a single step
you’re mighty, you can break me to never be repaired
oh you touch to make my every feather stand
magician you’re, sugar coated double layered

my chest misbehaves with the photons of your face
oh sweet love, you’re no good but you make my life race
in an infinite space
to end for the chase
following your trace
blinded of your grace
illusion, you’re my sweet illusion!


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