where are you and where my sighs
ruined a lot, your truthful lies
what have I become, can’t trace anymore
can fix others, others for me out of score

my head’s still sweet but brain has sores
I open my love but others shut the door
kept me hallucinating blur of ours
heart still feels but it feels now sour

who could heal, probably not your fault
i’d not have let you in, you set my default
what have I become, death of my stars
I wonder if it’s you or countless scars

I hadn’t dreamt of it, lights run out
have lost more than I ever got
this soreness makes me shut shout
i’m messed in these tricky routes

not perfect but I try my best
but I slack at loving people
i’m often confused what to do, lest
you shouldn’t have gone deeper

now I misbehave, I am not at pattern
but if you come see, I still sometimes do best on my turn
sometimes i’m messed up, sometimes I’m mistake
how come i’ve come to this, how do I take?

i’m a kid inside, no, probably a monster
despaired so much, impaired lone-stern
who could fix when I don’t know where’s the wreck
i’m a jaunt for some, for some pleasure of neck

who’d save me from myself now?
i’m drowning in what i’d drawn
hands are there but can’t see help
where i’m, where i’m held?
who’s gonna save me from myself?


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