Crashing, pulling, throwing,
Trying to electrify
Sprinkle a little gasoline
Hope that will justify
Batter, family shatters
Acceptance seems denied
Sprinkle a little water
Is it to be burned alive?

Happy seems too weary
Bloodholes run teary
Do we have to fight?
Mamma, we can make it out alive

Talking to his own hands
Best friends he ever knew
Helping him through smog
All thorns that they sew
Run behind your mother
She might not return
Another day crashes
The night may not return

Sorrow seems too fragile
Only ally in his castle
Of love that’s filled with hatred
Childhood too betrayed

Witnessing the violence of shelter
Slamming doors engulfed of screams
Genie or witch are needed helpers
They too won’t come it seems
Sleep as he makes a story
Stars again to stare
Prestige and damn religion
Trapped family in the glare

Are we a family?
Better we nothing be
Go back to the childhood
Turn ugly bad to good

Listen to all the voices
That keep cramming love
Poison in those noises
For a moment shut it up
Cringed in own fervour
Home is maybe sweet home
Innocence without armour
Terminated in alone

Things he saw were gloomy
Destroyed all the fun looming
Not like the other children
Perfect family barren

Shouts and screams to loving
Hurts another trapped
Who made whose heart sting?
Loathing in filthy wraps
Sisters brother playing
But what should he play?
Fear of dying someone’s
Ruins another day

Was that a family?
What else could it be?
Lost the childhood
With empty hands stood.

Thought in next life
There’ll be perfect home
But expectation drowned dry
Afterlife is truth no more
So he looks to the sky
Thinks to alter world
The love that seeped through fights
Make in someone’s world

Would there be a family?
A perfect home to be?
A home that’ll be his
Where finally love will breed.


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