I was so grey and sky shone blue
You touched my skin to change my hue
Cheeks to red, eyes dark deep
Warm of yours dried my weep
Simple is the thing, sober is you

A little wine makes me muse
A little smile that you use
A little care that you show
To little me since you know
Under my pillow comfort refuges

Now that it’s you I know
I’ll smile even if you go
I won’t be sad anymore
A sense of realisation is you
Won’t let you know
No, i’ll smile and let you go

Now that things change places
Once again the colors will be known
Now the sky is grey and yes i’m a little blue
But I won’t lose your gift my hue
I’ll get it back, all because of you

Cheeks will be red, dark eyes be ocean
I’ll be calm or maybe silent watch the rain
I’ll never be the same after this touch
Will see you once or twice in a week or a month
Do you know you are a remedy for pain?

Now that maybe you don’t know
Just smile if you let me go
You can’t make anyone sad
A sense of happiness you glow
Who you’re if you know
I’ll smile and maybe it’ll show


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