Lucky  are those who could confess their love amid the world while some hide in the sober whispers of existingly oblivious feelings which they would smother over time.
Some great love stories are never meant to be same as not every diamond is meant to shine. Some love stories die just because of the lack of courage while some die of oppressional beliefs of abhorrent society.
On the one hand where muslims could keep more than one wife, Hindus would worship gods who had committed polygamy as well and Christians could remarry as many times as they want, there are love stories which are still put to hay. Completely harmless and selfless feelings which won’t cause any nuisance to others’ lives are considered poignant in the society for the sake of religion or social values which are just facades of scarred mentalities.
Love never harms but soothes the wounds on the soul of other person but what would one do when that soothing balm itself starts to give severe bruises being dominated by the society and culture. We forget that society and culture keep on changing as we progress but at the moment accustomed to the ignorance we damage a lot. We blow some irreversible damages which plague two lives forever, they could have flourished and brought some positivity around but they go barren if not negative.

We, as a society, still have to learn a lot. We have to think beyond ‘live and let live.’ Have to think to somewhere, where everything could be cured with one feeling of magnanimity, where we believe in ‘Love and let love.’


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