I may have been a little late to put my review about THE BHAIRAV PUTRAS – A Suhail Mathur Novel over here, due to the hectic schedule i was being through past one week. Notably i had finished reading the book nearly a weak ago. But then as Suhail Mathur says in his book, “Letter Late Than Never” (pun indeed). So here is my Review about the novel by the Debuting writer of historical fiction-


Review- First of all I am not much into Indian History, though history being my favorite subject. And second, I am not a nationalist or patriotic soul. But then I grab the copy of this book and start to get through it. As soon as I read the first page of the book i feel that it is something perfectly blended with Narration and Dialogues. While reading it, Narration-lovers and Dialogue-lovers, both of them would be pleased. Story starts up slowly to pick the pace, it gives you enough time to make yourself comfortable on your chair, bed or anywhere you are sitting and prepare the Scenery of pre – independent India in your head. The narration perfectly makes a sketch of happenings and dialogues make you amused as they are perfectly written. To break the gloominess all the way you would find punches full of humor which would not let you get bored at all. The book kept me engrossed though it was completely foil to my taste, such a impetus it has. Conclusion of the book gives us a few answers which we often debate upon being Indians. The character of Robbins comes out too strong that even after closing the book it lingers in your head. The Book surprises you often and action is fabulous. It is a One-sit- read. Do not miss it if you have not ordered it yet, After all Independence day is just at the corner. Fill yourself with the patriotic fervor if you are a lover of your motherland and if you are the same as me, read it for the terrific taste of literature.


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