Monsoon has finally arrived in North India. Finally there’d be a relaxation from the grave heat of summer. Roads of the cities will be cleaned up, trees will look greener. But only one bad thing which arrives with monsoon is Bugs. They’ll sit on your papers, creep into your hair and clothes, fall upon your face again and again and when the lights are off at night and you’re chatting they’ll jump all over the mobile screen.
Skies would be clearer some nights and some nights stars would be oblivion behind the sight of grey clouds.
Rain brings lots of things, apparently it’s one of the most talked-about season. For children it’s annoying and pleasing, depending upon what they want. Some will sing ‘rain rain go away’ because they’ve to go outside and play, they’re players and some will stay home and make paper boat to sail it in the waters, they’re artists.
For farmers it’s a bliss for their irrigation is mostly dependent upon rain water. They’ll rejoice and smoke hukka.
For workers it’s annoying. They barely enjoy the rain for mostly get wet when they go for work. Or even if some have cars, there is a flood on the Indian roads.
For youth it’s of the utmost importance. It’s the season of romance for them. They wait for this season to come, with warm hearts. Many will meet secretly and go for long drives and a session of romance will start at its epitome. And then there will be others, who’ll shed tears in the corners of their homes for it’ll bring them those drenched memories which would take them to isolation. For them the sky will seem to be crying along with them.
For married couples it’ll be the most sensuous weather. According to a survey most of the precautionary products are sold in august, worldwide.
Not only human but animals also find their own pleasure and fears in monsoon. How could we forget the national bird of india, Peacock. It’ll widen it’s fathers and wings and dance in the wild. Birds will tweet. Dogs and cats will hide under beds or shelves when the clouds will rumble. Elephants and big apes will also panic when thunder will strike. And frogs, they will come out and croak.
For them it’s the most loved weather among all of the living creatures on earth. They’ll sing throughout the season.
Sometimes, they will sing when they will be trying to attract a mate. “HEY! Baby!”
Sometimes, will sing to mark their territory. “This is MY Lilypad!”
Sometimes, they will sing becasue they know the weather will be going to change. “Rain!!!”
Sometimes, they’ll even squeek when they are frightened or hurt. “Ouch! Eek!”
Snails and earthworms will have their respective races. Snakes will freak out.
There are many other animals who could be mentioned in the list but these, mentioned above, are the most prominent.
Then there comes ‘the Poets’, rain will struck the musical cords of their hearts and they’ll decipher love and nature in vivid colors. Mostly these are the poems written in the rainy season which take us to fairylands.
Rain, however, is the most thrilling and wonderful phenomenon of nature. It brings colors to the earth. It fills hearts with hopes, desires and memories. It makes the whole atmosphere musical, if you just sit in the silence and listen carefully, every raindrop sings a song with its own melody. Things come lively, vivid, colorful and heart warming. Animals get united in a single downpour, in some kinds of rounds. Rain is the nature’s music. Rain, thus, is a thread which brings all life together under the influence of it’s might. Those will be fools who don’t love this magical happening.


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