The worst part of falling down is the feeling of disposition, disregard, displacement and despair.
The plans, aims, dreams, vista of future, everything just crumbles in a moment, in front of you. You could do nothing about them. That feeling of helplessness and moments full of ruthlessness scratch your heart.
Your condition becomes like that of a kite which was supposed to fly higher but the string disengaged. It could do nothing but sail aimlessly in the wind, move where it swirls, pacing up as it blows, to a venture it doesn’t know the end of. Just a while ago it was talking to the wind its whereabouts and now the same wind is drifting it aimlessly. Slowly as the the gravity works, it lowers itself and soon it’s on the ground again. But the might of the kite, it’s made of paper yet it goes higher above the concrete structures, above the tallest trees, above the birds and above the hopes.

You, like the kite, are caught up in the same adventure. But the other view of the story tells something else. The string to which the kite was attached to wasn’t strong enough to hold on to the kite and even if it was strong enough, sooner or later the kite would come down along with it to the same place it was before into. If the string hadn’t broken off, how would the kite have gone on the adventure of being free and land somewhere else? How boring would it have become for the kite to reach to the same place again and again and come down to same place again and again? Sometimes, like the kite, we are set on the adventure where we lose everything we have, we are set off aimless. We feel the falling but it is a free falling. Same as the old string wasn’t meant for the kite, otherwise it would not have let it go, we too weren’t meant for the old place, dream or person otherwise we would not have broken off. We’re set on an adventure again, of rediscovering ourselves, of free falling, of rising again.
The kite attaches itself again with another string and flies higher in a new sky, same as it we too need to do the same. But to do that the kite needs to detach itself from the remains of old string, we too need to forget what it used to be to start again.
The kite goes up on another adventure all over again till it tears off.

When you fall down, you have to rise again. And maybe this time where you land you find something meaningful, something mightier and beautiful. And that something is peace for after every storm there’s a silence which tells that you’ve withstood it and you’re mightier than the storm itself.

As you start again, it might be slow, hard and tough but now there’s nothing to fear of as you’ve nothing to lose anymore, in fact this time you’re upto to earn again and now you’re stronger than what has passed. So it is impossible for any storm alike to break you again. You’ll rise again and this time higher, with new things.

You must restart now, now before its late and you’re caught up into the despair.


There’s a quote, ‘Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and sometimes in the middle of nowhere you find yourself.’


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