Sometimes you feel that your eyes are wet yet they are not. You touch them, rub them, just in case, if there was some moisture. You keep on lingering over those small and happy moments which never took place but just in your head.
You drive your bike or walk, whether among the people or alone, there’s that one scenery which would never grow old in your head. There’s that face which makes you glad yet it’s not around, never around.
You tell yourself that it will never happen now, whatever those happy moments, which you mull over.  You say you are moved on, you are moving on or you’ll move on but sudden realizations of sudden feelings tell, you aren’t, you won’t. You know it’s over, you know it’s gone yet you think about, you dream of, you imagine making love with them, waking up next to them, walking with them and so more. You tell yourself that you won’t go back to them yet your own brain contradicts it for just a thought of spending a life with them gives it salvation.
You find an attractive face in mob, a magnificent personality somewhere, you flirt with them, show them that you’re around but no, as soon as you close your eyes you’re haunted again, by the same never-happened small and happy moments. His eyes or her hair, you are trapped in there and it feels good.
Years of waiting or moments, you know just that spell of those arms could grant you salvation. It’s not that you’re dying without them, you’re doing fine, making a good life, you laugh, you play but you’re not satisfied, not at peace.
Without love, there couldn’t be inspiration, neither arts. Because until unless your mind is amused and at peace, you can’t do things with harmony.
Yeah you believe that love is just a chemical reaction, just science is truth, maybe. But as The Script says, ‘You can’t find faith and hope down on a telescope
You can’t soul and heart in the stars
You can break everything down to chemicals
But you can’t explain the love…..’

For your salvation is there in that spell. Tens of years of wait but just that touch could make your whole life worth.


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