the night so sore, the brittle of chest
harmony, your glor, does renew
supercells heart’s, oh my, to crest
soliloquy adore silence so blue

oblivion blabber, your tranquility oh mighty love
obscure the compass to which we are sew
melancholic reverb travest above
proclaim the death o’ Orion’s rescue

hindered in path, burlesque does world
part my lips, saved, does your touch
doomed the beauty, eyes oceans curl
ravished by your soul accidentally left to inferno glutch

Mourn I sit, lurch through the soul
depart grief takes, save your sight may whole.


5 thoughts on “The grief of Orion- A Sonnet

  1. An awesome poem,though I am not much into poetry,still the usage of words,the flow,everything was perfect!
    Waiting for a new one! 😉

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