It’s late night, my baby is sleeping and the rain is pouring down
And I can just drift away, drift away
to another place or town, she won’t know where she belongs
And all of her memories, will fade away
If I delay, she’ll get a life she doesn’t deserve at all
So I must skip away, to another place
And I should just get away, get away
From her!
Four months old, recognises my face and not my flaws
Without me, she’ll be okay
She doesn’t know her daddy’s a criminal, he’ll make her fall
So he must fade away, she’ll be okay
They needed a baby, I know they’ll keep you safe and sound
Your daddy will go away, go away
You’ll giggle and grow up on a safe holy ground
You’ll be happier, being away
From me!
I never knew, you’ll be my weakness, your mom is gone
Just for me, she passed away
If shouldn’t have had a gun but her hands in my hand
My mistake, you won’t suffer
I loved her but never knew what’s love at all
I regret, night and day
Don’t cry okay, they’ll keep you safer
Than I!
I’ve kept a letter, what you need and don’t like baby doll
It’s hard for me, it’s hard for you
But I know that you’ll make yourself brave
After all you’re her daughter, stronger
I’ll keep an eye untill they come and adopt you with full heart
I’ll be behind a wall, watching
Your dad must leave, no danger will be upon you now
I’ll fade away, fade away
So far!


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