The days of long run
Past and us meant one
Future breaks with today’s new sun
And I see you walking off

The reasons to stay anymore
Are in the ruins of our hearts
Gone like wind it seems
I couldn’t hold it after all

Your heart was a drum
I danced as it paced
Tangled in your smell
I couldn’t feel it after all

This mild wind will be wet
With all the tears that you wept
Frozen deep in my unheard calls
I fade as the love falls

This battle carries on
I won’t feel after all
But I think of you, yes I do
I fix the dreams, yes I do

Like a void in the space
Like a foil of the pace
Crashing in between the memories
I keep burning after all

Indelible, that’s what you are
Oh beautiful gold digger
Paradox of my heaven
The last breath where I halt

Dementia, see i’m gone
Still stuck here, oh my part
Torn into two but I do fine
Coming back to break and fall
But I don’t miss you after all
When I lie I don’t miss you at all
I miss you again, oh I miss you again!


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