Standing short
Hard to understand
There’s a mark
He tries to comprehend
People say it’s better
He sees it’s not
He’ll learn it latter
But he knows it’s not

What’s wrong what’s wrong?
Why can’t you do it?
He knows he tries
But he just can’t blow it
Hard to understand
Everything seems too tough
He knows he’s capable of
But he just can’t show it.

Days bye he grows
Not mad he knows
Mommy tried so hard along
No improvement he shows
He’s annoying people feel
But inside he glows
‘Special Kind’ mom say
But sometimes she too throws

He’s slow he’s weak
He messed up thrice this week
It’s complicated so overdue
Mad world and he’s blue
Mommy left this morning gone
She left him in the setting sun
Who’ll think he’s special now?
Seems life is a wrong run
He feels it’s a long run

Come back mom, none understands
Come back here, we’ll have a plan
Come back here, it’s hard to do
Come back mommy, everyone is rude!


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