things are so sad down there,
with no literal meaning
only adding to pain down there
tears keep reeling
he keeps feeling
he keeps dealing
and life goes on
in and out of meaning

everyone has their own story
his story is fumble
rolls deep down in the cracks of the heart
silent sobs keep rumble
deep within his mind
oh that beautiful mind
of secrets which jumble
he still behaves humble

scars and misery contemplate
over burlesque sights of his eyes
herald the moisture trapped within them
with deep silent and consuming sighs
Throughout the nights
sleepless and quiet nights
lamentable gross thoughts pass by
he proclaims the dead strides

the wounds that never sewed
the cage which never let him fly
in mind which doesn’t have pace
a soul which couldn’t hide
with blood-stained trace
which shows up to his face
drowned in self examining
he still keeps his grace
cause he knows the life goes on
that life goes on…
Oh the beautiful life goes on and on and on….


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