Simple lives? Honorable live-outs? We think it all has gotten to others. Despite of thinking nothing, we think a lot. Others live better while we don’t. It’s the story of every single person. Lost love? You stuck there. Others are moving on, happy and delightful. You’re worn out unlike others. Don’t get a job? Others are making by, they are progressing but you’re not. Family crisis? Other’s are perfect, look at Bryan’s family, they are loving and happy and caring and all.

The fact is, you lost love, someone is losing his or her while a few had lost and got over it. You lose people, you don’t lose love because when you lose love, it doesnt hurt, You just become cold hearted. Relax a little, we all hit the rock bottom, we all have been there. Life halts for a while but it doesn’t stop, what matters is your approach towards it. Just know it, if you’re loving, love will be compensated. For as the Beatles said, ‘in the end, the love that you take is the love that you make.’

You don’t get a job, it sucks. Not everyone is the same. It certainly doesn’t mean that you’ll never get one. Maybe you’re looking into a wrong firm? Or maybe you are not flowing with your talent? Who knows, but just know it that happiness is within yourself. You can’t do anything until you find happiness in what you have. Appreciate it, love it and try a little harder. You could do a day-labouring, that’s a job too but it’s not what you’re qualified for. But you could get that job, who says you can’t get one? It’s just, you desire something upto your living standards and degrees. What i mean is, none dies of hunger except you’re in a desert. Don’t be sad today and give up, just think of tomorrow when it’d be over, you’d smile that how stupid you were to worry a lot. Getting a job isn’t as hard as finding a unicorn, patience rewards.

Family, what is your concept of family? The same blood people? Nope, family is made of ones who accept you for who you are with all their affection. Think of those who have none to be accepted by? I.E. Orphans? Many of them have alive same-blood-people but they were abandoned as infants or kids for one reason or two. The more you dig, the sadder it gets. Others appear so happy to us but they also have some underlying problems, none is perfectly happy, get over this illusion. Maybe you have a family but you still don’t have one, maybe you’re alone, maybe you’re surrounded by wrong people. Or maybe you’re wrong? Wrong about your family that it can’t get any better. But believe me, after every hell comes a heaven and sometimes your efforts could turn a hell into heaven. Believe in yourself, you’re the almighty. Make a move towards the change.


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