it’s about to rain tonight
in the arms of the wind
the water threads will hurt again
will take me back to that end

Clouds of the wasted waters
The moisture of my eyes
Do they mean the same this time
As i miss you again

Aura of your brown eyes
And hands to run through rain
Smell of mud is all i feel now
Your absence does smell pain

Through the roaring and soaring of water
Lights strikes through air
Last sight of you going
brought me to neverland of despair

As the rain touches your country
Would you melt or cry?
Catch me dancing in the sadness
Is pouring through the sky

The sounds of water kissing the earth
Makes me wanna weep
Lament over the lost love of heaven
Will take me to the sleep

Tonight is dark and gloomy and mournful
The way you left my life
heart lost a treasur turned a pauper
Sadness of rain is dark and bright

I’ll miss you again and sit and cry
Under the waterfall of sky!


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