When humen appeared on earth, there was nothing to divide them. they lived together and breeded, even Neanderthals and sapiens did cross-breeding (totally different origins of humen). Then Neanderthals went extinct where sapiens survived.
Everything was better but then suddenly homosapiens discovered a new thing, RELIGION, somehow things still were pretty good. And then a few Cunning Sapiens started to use it as a weapon and started to work over a new discovery, DIVIDE AND RULE.
Being the descendants of Monkeys, we learnt to belive what our ancestors created without understanding it and now we work accordingly, churches and temples rule us.
Human behavior reminds me about a story, i’ll mention here-
Once  they placed two chimpanzees in a cage, there was a pole in the middle of the cage and bananas were hung at the top of that. They respectively climbed and ate. Then they put a monkey in the cage, he too saw the bananas and tried to climb when two other chimpanzees dragged him down and beat him as the bananas belonged to them as they lived there all the time before.
Then they took the monkey out and placed him in another cage with a pole in the middle of it and bananas hanging at the top of that. He sat downside all the time and stared at them. Then they placed another monkey in the cage, he saw the bananas and tried to climb. This time the first monkey dragged him down and beat him and so thus the cycle went on with each new monkey they placed in the cage.
First monkey did not know that why did the chimpanzees beat him. All that he knew was that he tried to climb the pole and they beat him, that was all that he learnt. He thought that anyone who climbs the pole should be beaten where he was unaware of the reason. And it started a cycle of the same behavior.
We human behave the same, we act what we experience. We don’t use our brains to understand specific things and it generates hatred. Hatred towards gays, other religions, species etc.
We don’t want to realise that we have an intellect and we could decide what our personality should be. We are scared of things we haven’t seen or known just because our ancestors were scared of them too.
And same as those monkeys, who would finally starve to death in the cage, we would demolish ourselves.
Use what you’ve got in the upper of your skull. Analyze that if you don’t accept a thing, would it harm you? Trade your places and try to think accordingly. Analyze that if you accept a thing, would it not harm you? Think that if your orientation makes others same as you are? How would their orientation make you one like them? Think that if your hate towards something serves some purpose or benefit to you? Think that if something really needs your acceptance when it has nothing to do with you?
Alter your Vista, alter your heart.
Free your mind of all the pollution, start to think fresh.
Analyze your beliefs, if they are rational?
If differently wired people are not made of bone and flesh?
Same as you.. Answers lie within but all that is needed is THINK BY YOURSELF INSTEAD OF FOLLOWING WHAT YOU WERE TAUGHT TO BELIEVE IN.


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