We sacrifice our dreams and our ambitions to get a so called ‘social reputation.’ We leave those we love and want to marry because our parents don’t want it to be and we drag ourselves into the things we never wanted to get into.
Everyone of us does it because nobody believes that they could go their own way and could still have a potential to make everyone accept you. No, we all behave coward when it comes to stand for what we believe in just because our parents and society believe in something else.
We are always afraid of hurting the ones we love, of letting our parents down because we believe that the thing we stand for would hurt them. We all go the same in the end; we all will end up dying with same last deep breath. Do you think that you would return after it and count that what difference you had made? Even if you return to calculate it, you’d just find a same stereotypical path you continued to build because society was walking on it and they wanted you to carry that weight for sooner elders were going to die and they needed someone to take care of the routes they had created. What would you trade for your dreams? Are your dreams that much cheap that you could trade them for society’s beliefs?
Let’s just think about it; if you’re a theist and believe that God judges the right and wrong then why do you act according to the society’s judgements? If you’re an atheist and believe that there’s no God and you’ve a free will then why is that free will influenced by the people outside?
Today one of my relatives visited my home. His son and me, we both were pursuing the same course. Now his son has a job while I don’t. He started to tell my parents that how much their son earns and stuff while, me? I’m jobless, I should get a job. I was like, ‘why was he so much concerned about my job?’ Did he care about me? No, obviously not. He wanted to show off and tell that how much talented his son is and how much worthless i am. But why should i do something i don’t want to do? My dreams are different than his son’s and i am pursuing them.
Why does society always tell us what they want us to believe?
You’re the hero of your own story and none should guide you about how to write it. You’ve grown up, you know how much your dreams are worth. But you don’t believe in yourself that you could also choose your dreams because that path is harder, because you’d have to build that by yourself only and none would help you in doing so? Maybe? It would be only you who would navigate you and none will lay a hand. While on the contrary, the path which society suggests you to walk on is created by them and is smooth to walk upon, majority walks that way and you won’t need to be navigated because all that you’d need to do is to follow the mob.
And do you know the fact my dear friend? None will remember you because you were in the mob.
The one who walks the other way, alone, mob will abuse him and try to push him down because of the frustration that either they didn’t not have courage to do what you are doing or they are sheople(sheep people?) who just follow the herds because they think other ways are wrong but their very own way they walk.
Remember, when people start to hate or discriminate you, you’re standing for something phenomenal. You don’t know that what is after the death, you don’t know that if their is rebirth or not. You may not get another life to live your dreams. Give yourself to your firm believes and you will see that at first they would stop you but when you would get to your dreams the very same people will praise you. At the very end of your time there will be a smile on your face and a satisfaction in your heart. Live like you have got only one chance.

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